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Facebook Profile Pages To Get Facelift

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has revealed a host of new updates for his social networking platform on CBS's popular talk show 60 Minutes.

The changes, which will be made to every Facebook profile by 2011, aims to make a user's profile page the centre point of all activity on the platform.

After the update user profiles will contain a film-strip of the photos a user has been tagged in recently, as well as having personal details like relationship status and birthdays made more prominent and allowing people to choose "featured friends".

Facebook has also updated the photos and videos section on the platform. In a blog post, Facebook's Josh Wiseman explained: “Thanks to the cool new "infinite scroll" feature, it's now much faster and more fun to browse all your photos. The Friends page now allows you to quickly find the people you're looking for: just search by name, hometown, school or a number of other dimensions.”

Users eager to activate and preview their new profiles can visit this page.