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Google Debuts Samsung-built Nexus S Smartphone

Google has launched its second Nexus smartphone, dubbed the Nexus S, one which is built by Samsung rather than Taiwanese partner HTC.

The phone comes less than one year after the launch of the Nexus one and is unlikely to be followed by a Samsung-version of the handset as it was the case with the HTC Desire which was both cheaper and slightly different from the Nexus one.

The Nexus S has gone on sale in the US and in the UK where it is already available on preorder at Carphone Warehouse with a tentative delivery date for later this month.

It is the first handset to come with Android OS 2.3, formerly known as Gingerbread, and is also the first to feature Near Field Communications from NXP, one which will allow "touch and swipe" processes à la Oyster.

Whether the Nexus S will be a success will depend almost entirely on its exclusive distributor, Carphone Warehouse, which has a strategic partnership with US giant retailer Best buy.

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