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News@10:Guardian Announces Apple iOS 4 Subscriber App, EC Commissioner Pushes For Mobile Internet Agreement & Limewire

UK-based newspaper The Guardian has probably revealed the most important feature to be announced at the event to be hosted by Apple on the 9th of December, that iOS 4.3 will make subscription-based applications mainstream. The Guardian confirmed that it will be selling the app for £3.99 for an annual subscription and £2.99 for six months by the end of the year and since this feature has yet to be released, it's only logical to assume that the next version of iOS should be out by next year.

The European Commissioner for Digital Agenda will urge the European Council of Telecom Ministers to reach an agreement to allocate radio spectrum across the continent to help boost mobile internet. Neelie Kroes, the head of Digital Agenda, will point out that freeing the radio spectrum will help the European Commission to reach its goal of providing basic internet to every one in Europe by 2013.

Online peer-to-peer file sharing network LimeWire is set to close after the company announced the end of its legitimate online music store from New Year's Eve. The company suffered a massive blow to its operations in October when a court determined that the platform's users were infringing copyright laws by freely sharing copyrighted material.

Developer Zattica is set to release a new Monty Python themed game for social networking giant Facebook. The Ministry of Silly Games will come with a variety of Monty Python themed games at time of launch, like Twit Russian Roulette, Camelot Smashalot, Grumbly Flower Arranging, King Arthur's Knight Fight, Monty Python's Scratch and Sniff, Mr Creosote, Gillaxian and Aerial Antics.

Oracle has announced the new Sparc Supercluster clustered database system, set to ramp-up its Sun server hardware infrastructure. According to tech news site PC World, the Sparc Supercluster will come with a number of rack-mount servers based on the 16-core Sparc T3 processor released by Oracle a while back. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.