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Nvidia Planning Quad Core Processors For 2011

Semiconductor giant Nvidia seems to be betting on ARM in the mobile market as a whitepaper published by the company hints at the introduction of Nvidia quad core processors using on the technology from the Cambridge-based company.

The document, which can be found here, suggests that the Tegra 3 is almost ready and the development of the Tegra 4 is already under way with Nvidia's CEO suggesting that there will be a new Tegra processor every year, not unlike what happens in the graphics segment.

The Tegra 2 already features in the Advent Vega tablet and includes two ARM processor cores together with a GeForce graphics core.

Nvidia promises that dual core processors will run at least twice as far than their single core counterpart and significantly faster than the competition which will include models from Marvel, TI and Qualcomm.

A quad core processor would require a thinner manufacturing process, probably down to 28nm, in order to keep power dissipation and consumption to a minimum.

We'd suppose that quad core processors would have a starting speed of around 1GHz which would put allow them to directly compete with dual core models clocked at 1.5GHz to 1.7GHz.

However, the issue of having to rewrite old code to use multi-core processors remain and the mobile market may learn a few tricks from what happened in the desktop x86 market.