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OECD Places UK 5th In Terms Of Fixed Line Broadband Penetration

A report released by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has found the UK to be 5th in terms of fixed line broadband penetration in member countries.

The report, which covers the first half of 2010, concluded that there were 295 million fixed line broadband connections in all 31 member countries as of June, up from 283 million connections in December 2009.

The organisation said that the average penetration rate across member countries had risen from 23.3 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants to 24.3.

The report found that there were 18,827,700 fixed line broadband connections in the UK, or around 70 per cent of households, placing it at 5th. The rate of penetration for the UK hit 30.5 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants.

DSL cable technology remained the most common type of broadband connection overall, used by 58 per cent of all subscribers. Cable Modem and Fibre Optics technologies were being used by 29 per cent and 12 per cent of the subscribers respectively.