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Oracle Announces Sparc Supercluster

Oracle has announced the new Sparc Supercluster clustered database system, set to ramp-up its Sun server hardware infrastructure.

According to tech news site PC World, the Sparc Supercluster will come with a number of rack-mount servers based on the 16-core Sparc T3 processor released by Oracle a while back.

The sophisticated database system will be linked to a cluster with Oracle's Real Application Clusters software, the FlashFire storage technology from Sun and several InfiniBand connections.

The new system, which is expected to be launched during an Oracle event on Thursday, is aimed at high-powered users requiring large database server clusters.

Bob Shimp, the vice president of product marketing at Oracle, said in a statement to PC World: “You can start with a single server and scale to essentially as many servers as you want, as many as you would ever need.”

At the event, Oracle is also expected to announced a new version of its Exalogic Elastic Cloud and a new and improved processor for its M series Unix servers.