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Russian Spammer Pleads Not Guilty In US Court

The Russian charged with running a massive global spam network, has pleaded not guilty in a US federal court.

Oleg Nikolaenko is accused of running a 50,000 computer spam network, which was believed to be responsible for one third of all the spam in the world at one point.

The Russian, who is in violation of the US CAN-SPAM Act, ran a sophisticated network of bot-net computers infected with malware capable of sending 10 billion spam emails every day.

Nikolaenko asked to be put under house arrest but the court has denied his plea and placed him under arrest without the possibility of bail.

“He is a citizen and resident of Russia and the government believes, if released, he would seek to return there and the government wouldn't be able to prosecute him,” prosecutor Erica O'Neil said.

According to CNN, authorities found out about Nikolaenko after apprehending a seller of fake watches who claimed to have paid around $2 million to spammers, including Nikolaenko, to advertise his products.