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T-Mobile Starts Selling Apple iPad On Contracts

T-Mobile has unveiled its own iPad monthly tariffs and joined Three UK and Orange, the two other mobile phone operators that have already announced their tariffs.

Available here, T-Mobile's plans are the same; new customers can expect to pay £199 for the cheapest iPad which is a 16GB 3G version, with monthly costs of £27 per month on a two year contract for 1GB monthly and 1GB "Quiet Time" data allowance.

"Quiet Time" is defined by T-Mobile as being the period between midnight and 10am and the only difference between T-Mo and Orange is the lack of Wi-Fi hotspot access.

Existing customer will pay £2 less per month and T-Mobile also offers an iPad insurance for £12.99 per month (or £311.76 for the duration of the contract).

Unfortunately, those wanting more data allowance will be disappointed as T-Mobile doesn't have any other price plans; as a reminder, Three UK offers 15GB worth of data for the same price.