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White Apple iPhone 4 To Come In 2011

New signage being rolled out in Apple Stores in the US point to the release of the new white iPhone 4 in Spring 2011.

Although the iPhone 4 is available only in black on the US and UK websites of the company, what looks like an Apple Store placard (courtesy of 9to5mac) shows that the phone will be available in Black OR white.

There are signs though that Apple hasn't given up on a white iPhone 4 as the elusive handset is still present on the Apple website - just check the colour of the phone used for the official bumpers.

A 17-year old teenager saw a lucrative niche and made thousands selling upgrade kits that turned a black iPhone 4 into a white one.

Officially, the white iPhone 4 has been delayed until Spring 2011, so it is not really a surprise that new literature has been aleady been printed out.