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Android Is Profitable For Google, Says Rubin

Google Android platform head Andy Rubin has declared that the company is making money from the popular mobile OS.

Speaking to during Wall Street Journal's D:Mobilized event, Android founder Rubin said that Google is now making money from advertising generated on the platform.

He said that if Android OS was established as a separate business away from Google, then it would also be profitable, The Guardian reports. However, he added that it never would have been profitable if it was not first bought by Google.

Declaring that Android was the "Linux for mobile phones", Rubin said that the platform was not just for tech geeks but also for consumers.

However, Rubin was less than complimentary about Microsoft's newly released Windows Phone 7 platform.

“You just have this package of stuff that was invented before the Internet. When the architects built that product, they didn't have the Internet in mind,” he said.

Rubin suggested that he has been talking to Nokia. "The company has new leadership. They are evaluating lots of alternatives. I'm open-minded and a big proponent of Android," he said.