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Apple iPad 2 Tablet To Come In February?

Apple may launch its next iteration of the iPad as early as the end of February according to a news report published in a Taiwanese news outlet.

Digitimes writes that Foxconn, one of Apple's strategic device manufacturers, has been notified that it should be ready to ship between 400K and 600K iPad 2 tablets over the next 100 days.

As expected, Foxconn declined to comment on the rumour; Digitimes meanwhile says that Apple was expecting to start mass production of the device in January but this was postponed because of issues with the firmware.

The iPad 2 is widely expected to work both on CDMA and GSM infrastructures, something that would make it easier for Apple to roll out the tablet faster globally.

We also believe that the next iPad will come with Apple Facetime which means that a front facing and a rear camera are "de rigueur".

There should be a new tablet launched by the beginning of the year, probably during a carefully synchronised Apple event, with a full launch by April 2010.