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Apple iPad Changing Fabric Of Mobile PC Ecosystem

The iPad tablet is redefining the mobile PC market according to a report published by DisplayResearch following a survey carried out worldwide.

Apple is currently ranking third in the mobile PC shipments market globally but managed to fend off Dell, Acer and HP to become the biggest mobile device seller in North America.

The growth was fuelled mainly by the meteroric rise of the Apple iPad tablet which accounted for eight per cent of the total mobile device shipment globally with 95 per cent of iPad tablets sold in developed territories like the UK, US and Canada.

This has prompted DisplaySearch to call the tablet's impact on Apple's fortunes as the "iPad effect". Apple currently lies behind HP and Acer and ahead of Dell but we suspect that Apple is far ahead when it comes to actual revenue AND profits generated PER units sold.

One of every eight mobile devices that were shippped in the third quarter of 2010 had an Apple logo on it compared to 17.3 per cent for HP and 16.5 per cent for Acer.

In total, around 55 million mobile devices were sold in the last quarter, up nearly 19 per cent year on year.