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Cisco And BMC Software Partner On Cloud Computing

Enterprise networking giant Cisco has partnered with BMC Software to develop a suite of tools designed to allow telecom companies to offer cloud-based services to customers.

According to the companies, the partnership will require them to integrate their product development plans and architecture to form the Integrated Cloud Delivery Platform (ICDP), a suit aimed at telecom companies looking to provide their customers with cloud-based services.

The platform will be initially offered to telecom companies, but later to enterprises with large private cloud networks.

In a blog post, Cisco said that the ICDP comprises of BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution and Cisco’s Unified Service Delivery (USD).

“Combining CLM with Unified Service Delivery infrastructure allows the support for end-to-end lifecycle management of Cloud computing-related initiatives with seamless integration of the planning, provisioning, assurance, compliance, and governance while increasing the quality of ongoing Cloud service delivery,” Cisco said.