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DecorMyEyes Owner Arrested For Fraud And Cyber Bullying

The owner of has been arrested by federal law enforcement agents on the charges of fraud, cyber-stalking and bullying.

Vitaly Borker, the owner of a website selling glasses and contact lenses, allegedly harassed a customer after she tried to return a pair of glasses she had purchased from the website, The New York Times reported.

The merchant told the newspaper that he used comments and complaints made against his business to his advantage as Google's search index moved it up in the search results.

Borker has now landed in bigger trouble however, after the police were notified about his operations.

“Today's arrest should send a message that we will protect online consumers and that victims of people like Borker are not alone,” Manhattan US Attorney Pheet Bharara said in a press release cited by CNBC.

Google has since altered its search engine to take into account negative comments made against a business to reduce its ranking in the search engine.