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Do NFC Feature On Google Nexus S Handset Really Cost £200?

One has to wonder why the Nexus S is so expensive relative to the phone from which it is clearly inspired from, the Samsung Galaxy S.

As we showed yesterday, on paper at least, the Nexus S is not very different from the Galaxy S except for the additional NFC features, Android OSO 2.3 (Gingerbread), twice the memory and a flash for the camera.

Yet, the Nexus S costs nearly two hundred pounds more than the Galaxy S and the price difference is likely to be even more on pay monthly contracts.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S though, there's no FM Radio and no microSD card reader which means that you won't be able to increase your phone's storage capacity.

Given that Samsung will sooner or later release Android OS 2.3 for the Galaxy S, the only remaining unique selling point of the Nexus S is its NFC capabilities (and the flash).

Does it warrant a near £200 price increase over the Galaxy S? Not in our books. Would we therefore advise our readers to buy it now? No.

Unfortunately, given that the phone is available from Carphone Warehouse (on Vodafone) only for a foreseeable future, the situation is likely to last for quite some time.