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Gingerbread Coming To Nexus One Within Weeks

Google released the Android OS 2.3 software developer kit yesterday at the same time as the Nexus S was revealed to the world.

This means that Android updates should start popping up everywhere with the Nexus One likely to be the first to move from Froyo to Gingerbread.

Reto Meir, a Google Android developer advocate, said on Twitter (via Androidcommunity) that the Nexus One OTA (OVer the Air upgrade) isnt happening just yet and should be coming in a few weeks instead.

There has been a minor upgrade rolled out (Android OS 2.2.1) which includes some bug fixes and tweaks but the full Android OS 2.3 is not expected to roll out until the first months of 2011.

We'd suspect that other manufacturers will take at least four months to roll out their own custom-designed Gingerbread men, a shame really given how long some have taken to release Froyo or even Eclair (Sony Ericsson).

Over the next few days, as a pet project, we will try to get Android OS 2.3 to run on the Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade) to see how well it performs.