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Google shows off Honeycomb tablet

Google almighty has been showing off a tablet PC running a tweaked version of its Android mobile operating system.

Google's vice president of engineering, Andy Rubin, whipped out the device on stage at the D: Dive Into Mobile Conference, and made a big deal of what he called the 3D capabilities of the dual-core Nvidia Tegra chip sitting inside the Motorola-built sleek, black iPad-alike.

As you can see in a video on the Wall St Journal's All Things Digital here, the bit of '3D' shadow appearing on Google maps is distinctly underwhelming, even if the tablet looks pretty snazzy.

Rubin was concerned to show off the upcoming Android iteration named Honeycomb, so called, we thinq, because its boasts new APIs that allow applications to be split into multiple views and lined up nicely on tablet-sized screens.

Tablet computers lined up to compete with Apple's iPad predominantly run Android OS which was built for phones. The ill-fated Toshiba Folio 100 as well as Samsung's Galaxy Tab fall into this category.

A decent Google-built tablet OS should shake things up a bit when it appears some time in the new year.