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Motorola Tablet Appears In Google VP's Hands

Google's Vice President of all things Mobile, Andy Rubin, has pulled out the prototype of a Motorola Tablet that runs Honeycomb, the next version of Android OS.

According to a live Engadget chat stream, the tablet will have video chat (which means both front and back video cameras), a Nvidia (Tegra 2 or 3) dual core processor with 3D capabilities.

Rubin demoed a 3D version of Google Maps that takes advantage of the hardware's 3D processing power and should be available for launch in a "matter of days".

When asked whether "this is a version that happens to work on tablets or is it for tablets?", Rubin replied that "it is a bit of both", therefore hinting at the fact that the operating system might actually be used elsewhere on keyboard-equipped devices.

The tablet sported a rather big screen, most definitely a 10-inch one with a 16:9 screen ratio, and looks a lot like another smaller tablet, the RIM Blackerry Playbook which also comes with a dual core processor but runs on RIM's own OS.

Engadget also noted that the device did not have any button, not even a single activate one, in the front (photo courtesy of Engadget).