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News@10: BT Publishes Race To Infinity Leaders, Government To Subsidise Rural Broadband Roll-Out & Google

UK internet service provider BT has announced the names of the areas which are currently leading its "Race to Infinity" initiative. The company launched the "Race to Infinity" scheme to encourage residents to vote for their local exchanges to get superfast broadband connections in 2012. BT said that it had received a total of 290,000 votes so far.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Monday announced that the government will subsidise the installation of fibre broadband to every community not included in the private sector’s plans to roll out superfast broadband across the UK. As part of its national broadband strategy, 'Britain's Superfast Broadband Future', the government is aiming for every community in the UK to be able to access a minimum broadband download speed of 2Mbps by 2015.

Google has announced the acquisition of digital rights management software maker Widevine in bid to deploy sophisticated DRM security on its Google TV service. In a blog post, the company said that as on-demand streaming services were on the rise, it was necessary to provide a certain level of security to content providers in order to protect their videos and other forms of media from piracy.

New signage being rolled out in Apple Stores in the US point to the release of the new white iPhone 4 in Spring 2011. Although the iPhone 4 is available only in black on the US and UK websites of the company, what looks like an Apple Store placard (courtesy of 9to5mac) shows that the phone will be available in Black OR white.

Online payments services provider PayPal has been attacked by a huge Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack after it stopped taking donations on behalf of WikiLeaks. Supporters of the controversial whistle-blowing website managed to take out the PayPal blog for more than eight hours, Internet security firm Panda Labs explained. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.