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News@5: iPad Redefining Mobile PC Ecosystem, Gingerbread Coming To Google Nexus One Within Weeks & Wikileaks

iPad is redefining the mobile PC market according to a report published by DisplayResearch following a survey carried out worldwide. Apple is currently ranking third in the mobile PC shipments market globally but managed to fend off Dell, Acer and HP to become the biggest mobile device seller in North America.

Google released the Android OS 2.3 software developer kit yesterday at the same time as the Nexus S was revealed to the world. This means that Android updates should start popping up everywhere with the Nexus One likely to be the first to move from Froyo to Gingerbread.

WikiLeaks will continue with the release of the 250,000 classified US diplomatic cables despite the arrest of founder Julian Assange by UK police earlier this morning. The whistle-blowing website has condemned the arrest as an attack on media freedom and has assured that it will have no affect on the release of further cables, The Guardian reports.

Apple has reportedly hired the famed architect Norman Foster to design its new Cupertino campus on the 98 acres it recently acquired from Hewlett-Packard. According to Spanish newspaper El Economista, the new 'City of Apple' will be heavily focused on accommodating green technology.

Google has launched its own cloud-based ebook platform, designed to allow users to read ebooks on any Internet-enabled device. The search giant said in a blog post that the Google ebooks platform, formerly known as Google Editions, will allow users to access a massive ebook library comprising of more than 3 million titles.