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Orange & T-Mobile To Offer Google Nexus S Smartphone

The Google Nexus S has gone on sale at Orange and T-Mobile exclusively via Carphone Warehouse; the handset was originally offered for sale on Vodafone.

Orange offers the phone for free from £35 per month; an offer that comes with unlimited texts, 700 minutes and 500MB internet allowance, better than Vodafone's.

T-Mobile has the strongest offer of the mobile phone operators on the market although you will have to pay an extra £49 initially.

Included in the deal is 1200 minutes, 500 minutes and unlimited internet (although it is subject to fair usage). In comparison, Vodafone offers 600 minutes, 500 minutes and 500MB internet.

You can find more about the offers at Carphone Warehouse here. We were not wowed by the Google Nexus S for a number of reasons although the one that irked us the most was how expensive it was compared to the Samsung Galaxy S, its predecessor.

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