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Sky Pulls The Plug On Sky Songs Over Lack Of Demand

BSkyB has decided to shut down its year old Sky Songs subscription service owing to weak consumer demand.

The service, which was launched on 19 October 2009, failed to earn a high enough user base even after a year.

Sky Songs, which was touted as an iTunes rival, attracted less than 10,000 members.

According to the Telegraph, BSkyB has informed its customers that Sky Songs will be shutting down in the next 60 days and existing customers will get free access to the website during that time.

“We've taken the difficult decision to close Sky Songs. Although we are extremely proud of the service we built and the experience it offers, we just didn't see the consumer demand we'd hoped for,” the company said in a statement.

Sky Songs allowed its customers to access unlimited music for streaming and let them download 5 MP3 songs every month for a monthly fee of £4.99.