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Wikileaks Uncovers Chinese Cyber Attack Plans

The Chinese government hired hackers behind the Blaster Worm through state-funded security firms to orchestrate cyber attacks on the US, a new US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks has revealed.

According to the cable, the Chinese government provided access to the Windows source code to a state-funded private internet security firm in June 2009.

The cable alleges that the company, Topsec, worked with the China Information Technology Security Center and private sector hackers to develop exploits based on the source code.

“Additionally, CNITSEC enterprises has recruited Chinese hackers in support of nationally-funded 'network attack scientific research projects,” the cable read.

It was also revealed that Topsec had hired a known Chinese hacker, Lin Yong, to develop exploits.

“As evidenced with TOPSEC, there is a strong possibility the PRC is harvesting the talents of its private sector in order to bolster offensive and defensive computer network operations capabilities,” the cable warned.