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Google Presents Chrome Web Store

The fourth product Google had yesterday after the new Chrome browser, CR-48 and Chrome OS was the Chrome Web Store.

CWS was announced back in May 2010 at Google's annual developer conference and the SDK was made available to developers a few months later.

It is, in the words of Sundar Pichai, VP of Product Management at Google, a way for people to discover and buy applications in a secure and safe environment.

Just like any app stores, you have categories, suggested apps, an easy buying process and a few key players. In the case of Google Web Store, the NY Times, Amazon and EA took the stage to support Chrome Web Store.

The EA spokesperson was ecstatic about the ease with which they were able to convert a game, Poppit, into HTML5 in less than two days; the game EA said will be bundled for free with Chrome 9 at launch but won't be available for now on CWS.

As for Amazon, its two vice presidents unveiled the new Kindle for the web which is essentially a Kindle Reader inside a browser, which is redundant given that there are already desktop apps for that.

Google Web Store though will only available in the US at launch in the first quarter of 2011 and will be rolled out globally afterwards (ed : we've been able to install apps from it on Chromium 9 though).

You can already see a preview of it here with some 500 applications already on the shelves.

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