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Google Sending Invites For Free Chrome OS Notebook

Those who have signed up to receive news, updates, and launch information about Chrome and Chrome OS a while back may, like us, have received an email from the Google Chrome Team to inform them that they are eligible for a free Chrome notebook as part of its pilot program.

We received such an email one hour after the device - codenamed CR48 - was demoed by Google during a special Google Event yesterday, stating that we were eligible to receive one of the cuties.

Google says that the Chrome notebook is for people who "live on the web" and want a "faster, safer and more secure experience without all the headaches of ordinary computers" (ed : Apple does that already but it is way more expensive).

Unfortunately, it seems that you will need to be based in the US for now to get one (ouch) and interested parties will have to apply before Saturday 8am UK time to qualify for one.

Alternatively, you can apply for the pilot program here.