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Google Unveils CR-48 Chrome-OS based Netbook

Google has announced the arrival soon of its first Chrome OS netbooks as from mid-2011 from the likes of Acer and Samsung (but curiously enough no HP or Dell mentioned).

The search giant has also rolled out a new Chrome OS "pilot program" which will offer a free Chrome OS based netbook, known as the CR-48 to selected users.

Users can submit a video at to say why they should receive one while others can apply for the scheme at

Disappointingly, while Apple seems to move away from Intel, it seems that Google is Intel's new best buddy. After the Google TV, the white-labelled CR-48 is based on an unidentified Intel Atom processor, a 12.1-inch screen (with an unknown resolution), a full keyboard, a touchpad, webcam, built-in 3G and Wi-Fi and a SSD drive of unknown capacity.

Google has also removed the caps-lock and function keys something that might cross a few of its users (starting with the journalists themselves).

The laptop, which is available in black only, still contains a few bugs as revealed by Google's vice president of product Management, Sundar Pichai. More about the CR-48 netbook here.