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Hyundai Offers Free iPad User Manual With £30,000 Car

Hyundai is offering the customers of its new Equus 2011 a free iPad, the catch however is that the car itself costs £30,000.

In a manner befitting Pimp My Ride, the new owner of Hyundai’s 4,627cc saloon, will find a shiny new 16GB, Wi-Fi enabled, iPad in the glove compartment of the car.

The tablet contains the Equus user manual, although the device can also be used as a regular iPad too.

According to USA Today, The Equus owners manual app will include 15 computer-generated animation sequences to demonstrate features as well as two videos created just for the manual.

iPads are becoming more and more ingrained within consumer car technology, considering the recent addition of an iPad dock to the BMW X3 Crossover and the plethora of in car mounting systems currently available.

Whilst the free iPad is both a nice touch and a definite incentive, its hardly going to be the primary reason that people end up buying the car considering its hefty price tag.