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LG Partners With VMWare To Offer Mobile Virtualisation

LG has partnered with VMWare to bring virtualisation capabilities to its arsenal of Android-powered devices.

Owing to the rise of smartphones at work places, many people are forced to carry two separate devices, one for work and other for personal use. LG and VMware aim to change that by offering phones capable of mobile virtualisation.

VMware has come up with a nifty virtualisation tool for LG smartphones running on Google's Android OS, set to allow users to switch between business and personal profile by simply tapping an icon on the home screen.

According to LG, users will be able to switch between work and personal profiles and even switch their phone numbers by simply tapping the VMware icon on the phone's home screen. In order to switch numbers, the phones will be capable of supporting two SIM cards.

The work profile on the smartphone will be completely managed by the organisation's IT department, allowing them to provide security and ensure adherence to the company's IT polices. The work profile will have its own applications and contacts and the IT department will be able to close the work profile if the phone is lost or stolen.