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Microsoft Still Refusing To Release Windows Phone 7 Sales Figures

A month after Microsoft launched its revamped Windows Phone 7 platform to much fanfare, the company is still refusing to divulge sales figures.

During the Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital: Dive Into Mobile conference, Microsoft's corporate vice president for Windows Phone 7 Joe Belfiore refused to give a straight answer when asked about Windows Phone 7 sales by WSJ's Walt Mossberg.

According to Mashable, when asked by Mossberg how many units Windows Phone 7 had sold, Belfiore said: “It’s just too soon to talk about numbers.” However, he did say that it would be a few years before Microsoft reaches the top of the smartphone OS market, currently dominated by Apple's iOS and Google's Android OS.

Windows Phone 7 handsets have been criticised for lacking many common features, including a copy and paste function, which are already found on many other devices. Belfiore revealed that the copy and paste function will be added to the OS software in the first quarter of 2011.