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TI makes OMAP 4440 official

Texas Instruments has unwrapped today its crown jewel, the OMAP 4440 ARM-based SoC. This head-to-toe redesign and implementation of 45nm process dual-core Cortex A9 SMPCore processors in a SoC package aims for visual computing and extreme performance in a low-power computing device.

Central to the system-on-a-chip offered by TI is a dual-core Arm Cortex A9 processor at 1.5GHz with graphics provided by a PowerVR SGX540 GPU from Imagination Technologies (the same as the Apple A4 SoC, supporting OpenGL ES 2.0) and an IVA3 multimedia accelerator for your HD encode/decode needs.

TI claims this new SoC will boost performance by up to 50 per cent over its 4430 brother (well, yes, it has a 50 per cent higher clock so...) with 25 per cent better 3D graphics performance (or twice that of the SGX530) and an image processor that can juggle up to dual 4000x3000 pixel camera inputs for extreme HD video conferencing. IVA 3 provides 1080p at 60 frames per second, and should be sufficiently endowed to handle 3D output.

Video output is achieved by way of HDMI (1.3) to your big screen LCD TV and maximum 1920x1200. Power and audio management are off-chip, but TI claims great steps have been taken to keep power consumption low with its Smart Reflex 2 technology.

Here's what it looks like

You won't see MIDs rocketing by at 1.5GHz just now as TI expects products based on its new SoC to reach the market by mid 2011 and at this rate should populate the very high-end of the mobile device pecking order.