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Rise Of The 'Silver Surfers' Accelerate Broadband Growth In UK

Broadband take-up in the UK is on the rise thanks to the growing number of elderly users, or 'silver surfers', that have started using the web according to new statistics released by Ofcom.

According to the data, broadband take-up in the UK increased by 3 per cent from 2009. During the same period, broadband take-up in the 65-74 age bracket increased by 9 per cent, while it grew by 8 per cent in over 75 year olds.

The regulator also found, however, that more than half of the over 75 year olds were finding it difficult to access the web from computers and mobile phones. One third of the 65-74 year olds faced the same difficulties.

UK Digital Champion, Martha Lane Fox, said in a statement to The Telegraph: “The internet offers users a huge range of benefits for this age group – from keeping in touch with family and friends, to making savings online to even getting your shopping delivered to your door.”