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Samsung plans 10-inch tablet with sliding keys

Samsung has plans to release a ten-inch tablet device with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard according to a French web site.

Blogeee is quoting secret sources which reckon the Samsung Gloria will follow the Galaxy Tab into the proddable portable market some time in March or April next year and offers an 'artist's impression' of the Windows 7-powered device for your edification.

We can't help thinqing that slapping an undersized keyboard on a tablet is a bit of a step backwards in an arena dominated by Apple's svelte iPad.

It can only add weight and girth - not to mention breakable moving parts - to a device which should be all about portability and convenience.

Also, you'll have to have thumbs like an orangutan if you want to hold the thing and type at the same time.

The sources say that Windows 7's inefficiencies in the touch-screen department will be overcome by a custom user interface layer developed by Samsung specifically for the device.