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Steve Jobs Promises Revamp To MobileMe in 2011

Apple is reportedly planning to revamp its MobileMe service in 2011 after the service failed to be a hit with consumers, owing to its $99 per year price and disruptive nature.

According to Mac Rumors, an Apple fan e-mailed CEO Steve Jobs complaining about the problems he had been facing on MobileMe.

“I love my iPad and iPhone4 and am a huge fan of yours and all that Apple does....However, MobileMe is making it very difficult for me to do so. Unreliable/unpredictable syncing, creating duplicate entries (sometimes scores of them), etc. It's almost unusable,” he said.

He then asked if it is going to get better and, if so, how soon.

He was then surprised to get an email from Steve Jobs which simply read: “Yes, it will get a lot better in 2011.”

MobileMe allows Apple device users to sync files, e-mails and contacts with their desktops and Apple's mobile devices. The service also allows cloud-based file storage and the ability to remotely locate and lock the device if lost or stolen.