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TigerLogic Releases PostPost 'Facebook Newspaper'

Data management company TigerLogic has released a new 'Facebook newspaper' called PostPost, which allows users to see their news feed in a newspaper style format.

The application, which is completely web-based and accessible via the browser, will allow users to change what they want their Facebook newspaper to display, such as videos, pictures and links. It will also allow users to alter its size for easy viewing.

PostPost works by taking a user's new feed and simply displaying it in a manageable newspaper style format, continuously updating it in real time. It has been developed on JavaScript, allowing it to update the newspaper more quickly in real-time.

According to Mashable, the service allows users to perform a quick search of their news feed by offering a Yolink search API, which has also been developed by TigerLogic.

The service uses the jQuery Masonry plugin developed by David DeSandro, which helps in importing links, videos and photos from Facebook and displaying them in a newspaper-like format.