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Amazon Seller Tries To Profit From Wikileaks' Cablegate

Amazon UK is selling an ebook containing the first five thousand cables of the Wikileaks document repository; the Ebook costs £7.37 including VAT and has been published by Heinz Duthel via IAC Society on the 29th of November.

Although the documents are free online in PDF, text or HTML versions, there seems to be people rich enough to buy them as Kindle ebooks.

Interestingly, it is the top selling political book (category biography) in Japan and the second best selling eBooks in Politics and Current Affairs in the Kindle virtual library.

Amazon stop providing web hosting to Wikileaks after apparently being pressured by the US government to cease its services to the controversial entity.

One reviewer hit out at Amazon saying that Amazon is incoherent because it is trying to profit from Wikileaks while at the same time condemning its actions.

Amazon has yet to reply to news outlets that have contacted it for some feedback. Back in November, the online retail giant was criticised for selling a guide that offered advice to pedophiles.

It is unlikely however that the site will take the title down because it is proving popular and since it is in the public domain, there's no apparent copyright issues.