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Arqiva Trials 800MHz LTE Mobile Broadband In Wales

Media and communications company Arqiva is partnering with Alcatel-Lucent to demonstrate how Long Term Evolution (LTE) in Wales could help bring broadband to Britain's rural areas.

The two companies have partnered to create an LTE network in the Preseli Mountains, West Wales, by using an 800MHz spectrum that was made available after the switch to digital TV in the area.

Jonathan Freeman, the head of strategic development at Arqiva said that the each base station in the LTE network will be able to provide speeds between 20 Mbps and 50 Mbps at a distance of 7-8 kilometres.

Freeman told eWeek Europe: “We launched a trial demo in Wales, to show wireless to deliver broadband for all areas that cannot get basic broadband. At the moment, this is just a demonstration run purely by us, but over time it believe it could expand to a multisite trial.”

The company is planning to set up the infrastructure so that third parties like government and private ISPs can offer broadband connections to Britain's so called 'not spots'.