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Gamer Arrested For DDoSing Call Of Duty

The Metropolitan Police’s e-crime unit (PCeU) has arrested a gamer from Manchester for orchestrating a suspected denial of services (DDoS) attack on Call of Duty.

The 17 year-old from Beswick was arrested earlier this morning on suspicion of committing offences against the Computer Misuse Act.

According to The Register, the PCeU found that the DDoS attack was made using the Malware ‘Phenom Booter’, which was being offered for sale on a web forum, allowing players of the game to improve their online scores by taking out fellow gamers.

The PCeU were alerted to the attack after the game’s publisher Activision made a complaint, and, using the IP number from the server, the police were able to track down the teenager. He is still being held in custody.

DDoS attacks have featured heavily in the news recently due to the high profile ‘Operation Payback’ by hacktivist “hive-mind” Anonymous, in retaliation to the campaign against Wikileaks. Their efforts so far have resulted in the sites for Visa, Mastercard and PayPal API being taken down.