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Google 2010 Zeitgeist List Reveals British Online Preoccupations

Google has released its annual Zeitgeist list for 2010, giving a peek into what Britons have been searching for this year.

According to Google, the terms that topped the list of most searched items in 2010 include: Facebook, the BBC, YouTube, Hotmail and eBay, while Google itself managed to grab the sixth spot.

Some of the fastest rising searches of 2010 include random video chat platform Chatroulette, social question-answer service Formspring and Apple's iPad.

Britons also performed many searches based on the major events that occured in the country, such as the general election, registering to vote and the World Cup.

People also seemed highly interested in Kristian Digby, teen pop sensation Justin Bieber and the ugly divorce between Cheryl and Ashley Cole.

Recession woes led people to search for cheap airline tickets, cheap holidays and cheap train tickets.

The Guardian also revealed that Zeitgeist uncovered a more downcast side to the internet, with some of the most common searches being for "I feel lonely," "I want love" and "I hate love".