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Google Activates 300,000 Android Devices Every Day, Says Rubin

Google has announced that it is activating more than 300,000 Android devices every day.

In a Twitter post that might have rattled many rivals, head of Android Andy Rubin said: “There are over 300,000 Android phones activated each day.”

This marks a significant rise from August, when Google revealed that it was activating around 200,000 phones every day.

The new activation figures look set to heat up the competition between Apple and Google to gain dominance over the smartphone market. Recently released figures from Gartner show that Android-based devices now account for around 25 per cent of all smartphones worldwide.

The number of activations only include smartphone and not tablet devices. After taking the tablet PCs into account, the number could be higher. Google has already set its sights on the tablet market by touting its upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb despite the new Android 2.3 Gingerbread not yet being launched. Google says that the upcoming Android 3.0 is better optimised for tablets than other versions.