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iPhone 4 Made From T-Rex Tooth And Meteor Selling For £40,000

British designer Stuart Hughes has created 10 limited edition iPhone 4 handsets fashioned out of a 65 million years old Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth and meteoric stone.

The Apple logo on the back of the iPhone History Edition is made out of platinum and diamonds. The device is retailing for around £40,000.

Hughes, who sourced the T-Rex tooth and meteoric stone from Arizona, US, said that he wanted to make something "fierce", and what is more fierce than dinosaur tooth?

“I have worked before with Dinosaur in the past but I wanted to go fierce on this one hence we sort a tooth, doesn’t come more fierce than that , we then splintered and shaved the tooth into the pre polished meteoric stone both of which were sort from Arizona in the US,” read the phone's description on Stuart Hughes' website.

Hughes has some experience in forging luxury laptops, mobile phones, iPod Touches and iPads. Recently, Hughes had hogged the limelight after he had made a $8 million iPhone 4, which came with a $4million flawless pink diamond.