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Microsoft Wins USDA Cloud Contract

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has chosen to migrate the systems of its entire 120,000-strong staff to Microsoft's cloud based email and messaging services.

In a huge win for Microsoft over rival Google to provide cloud based services to governmental organisations, Microsoft will help the USDA to migrate to its cloud based infrastructure. According to Reuters, upon the completion of migrating data to the cloud, the USDA will save $6 million every year.

Curt Kolcun, Microsoft's vice president of US Public Sector, said in a statement that “With the Microsoft cloud productivity solution, USDA employees will benefit from having better access to information, improved collaboration and information sharing. This comprehensive approach lays out a foundation for greater innovation, money savings and better citizen services.”

Google, who had signed a similar deal with General Services Administration, however claimed that it was not allowed to pitch for the USDA contract. The company had earlier sued the US government for favoring Microsoft.