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News@10: Paypal Confirms US Pressure Over Wikileaks, iPhone 4 Made From T-Rex Tooth And Meteoric Stone & Samsung Galaxy S

PayPal has admitted that its decision to pull the plug on donations services to WikiLeaks was taken after intervention from the US State Department. Speaking at the Le Web conference in Paris, the company’s vice president of platform Osama Bedier announced that the decision to freeze the WikiLeaks account on 4 December had been influenced by a letter from the State Department claiming that the whistle-blowing site was engaged in illegal activities.

British designer Stuart Hughes has created 10 limited edition iPhone 4 handsets fashioned out of a 65 million years old Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth and meteoric stone. The Apple logo on the back of the iPhone History Edition is made out of platinum and diamonds. The device is retailing for around £40,000.

The Samsung Galaxy S was expected to get Gingerbread fairly fast given how close the popular Samsung is to the Nexus S hardware-wise. However, when Pocket-lint asked a spokesperson for the Korean company, for a straight answer, it seems that the manufacturer itself wasn't sure whether it would actually bring the Android OS 2.3 to the Galaxy S.

Media and communications company Arqiva is partnering with Alcatel-Lucent to demonstrate how Long Term Evolution (LTE) in Wales could help bring broadband to Britain's rural areas. The two companies have partnered to create an LTE network in the Preseli Mountains, West Wales, by using an 800MHz spectrum that was made available after the switch to digital TV in the area.

Samsung may be looking to launch a sibling to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, one which not only carries a bigger screen but also a keyboard. French website says that the tablet-cum-netbook will be called the Gloria and according to two different sources, will carry a slide out keyboard. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.