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Patriot speeds up USB 3.0 flash drives

Patriot Memory has announced the Supersonic series of USB 3.0 flash drives which promise smaller and faster portable storage.

Available in 32GB and 64GB flavours, the forthcoming thumb drives overcome data bottlenecks by moving away from using a separate USB 3.0 bridge chip, instead using single chip technology to integrate Patriot's own memory controller.

"Patriot is one of the first companies to integrate a native single-chip USB 3.0 flash memory controller. By pairing the controller with our Quad-Channel technology, we're able to maximise performance with the Supersonic series," said a spokesman. "We are able to shrink the physical size of the USB 3.0 flash drives for even greater portability."

They come in a lightweight aluminium housing and are shock proof up to 15 Gs if you happen to be a fighter pilot or have butter-fingers.

Patriot is quoting sequential read and write speeds of 100MB and 70MB per second respectively and says they should be in the shops early in the new year.