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PayPal Releases Donations To WikiLeaks

PayPal has announced that it has released the remaining funds in WikiLeaks’ account after blocking access to the account last week.

Announcing the decision in a statement on the PayPal blog on Wednesday, General Counsel John Muller said that the company has released all funds in the account to Wikileaks, but added that the account will remain restricted.

The move follows the PayPal blog being hit by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack after the company stopped taking donations on behalf of WikiLeaks, claiming that the whistle blowing site is engaging in illegal activities, All Things Digital reports (opens in new tab).

“Ultimately, our difficult decision was based on a belief that the WikiLeaks website was encouraging sources to release classified material, which is likely a violation of law by the source,” said Muller.

The attack, orchestrated by hacktivist group Anonymous, was part of the Operation Payback campaign targeted towards organisations deemed to be standing against free speech and piracy.

Most recently the campaign has sought to attack (opens in new tab) firms that “employ unfair means to fight WikiLeaks”, having launched DDoS attacks against a list of sites, including those of the Swedish Government, Sarah Palin and credit card firms Mastercard and Visa.