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'Responsible' book seller opens UK online shop

A bookseller claiming to be "socially responsible" has opened up a UK e-commerce website.

Better World Books, which collects and sells books to generate funds for literacy causes, offers free shipping in the UK and has over a million new and used books for purchase.

The company, which has operated an e-commerce site in the US since 2003, claims to have already generated over £5.5 million ($8.5 million) for global literacy causes through its online book sales.

The company opened its UK operation in October 2008 located in Dunfermline, Scotland and said it has re-used or recycled over 650,000 books in the UK so far, raising over £100,000 for local libraries and to promote global literacy.

"Better World Books has experienced tremendous growth since it first launched in the US,” said CEO David Murphy. "Over the years we’ve gained a loyal international following thanks to low-cost shipping and a mission that impacts literacy rates worldwide. We’ve seen particular interest in the UK since establishing operations in 2008, and now we’re investing in a web site customised for our UK partners and customers."

Better World Books offers new and used titles for sale on the new site. A portion of used book revenues goes to the organisation that contributed the book, as well as to one of the non-profit literacy partners affiliated with the outfit. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.