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Samsung To Launch First Chrome OS Notebooks, Tablet Version Next?

Towards the event of the Google Chrome Event two nights ago, the VP of Product Management at Google Sundar Pichai, confirmed that Samsung will be the first one to bring a Chrome OS notebook to the market.

Google also confirmed that it would not sell the device directly à la Nexus One but instead depend on partners like Samsung and Acer to do the job of building and marketing them.

When asked about the possibility of seeing a Chrome OS tablet, Google said that they weren't planning any, adding that they were taking one step at a time.

Promisingly though, they didn't say that they would NOT launch a Chrome-OS tablet and in theory, there's nothing that would prevent Chrome OS to turn up on a tablet (or Android OS to turn up on a Chrome Notebook).

Just as a reminder, at the beginning of the year, designers at Chromium published concepts drawings of how a Chrome OS UI might look on a tablet and explored possibilities. You can find more about these here.