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WikiLeaks cables get Kindle edition

It turns out that more than one chancer is taking advantage the WikiLeaks Cablegate goings on in order to flog shoddy books written by other people for his own financial gain.

A few short days after Überbimbo and presidential candidate in the making Sarah Palin used the buzz surrounding the leaked cables to promote her own witless ramblings, serial cutter and paster Heinz Duthel has jumped on the WikiWagon by offering a full transcript of the diplomatic clangers on Amazon.

Duthel is attempting to flog a Kindle edition of the first 5000 of the 250,000 leaked documents as a digital download for £7.37. Anyone with access to the Internet and full set of firing synapses can quite easily lay their hands on the whole kit and kaboodle for nothing.

Duthel currently has more than 300 titles listed on, including a self-help guide on how to snag a Thai bride and a five-volume Encyclopedia of Anarchism.

It remains to be seen how long it will be before the folks at Amazon get a call from the Pentagon and have to pull the title from sale as it pretty much contravenes every rule in the Amazon book.

Either way, the Internet bookseller is sure to come under heavy fire from both sides of the argument, and could face the wrath of hacktivist collective Anonymous should it decide to yank the title.