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Women Caught Smuggling $143,000 worth of Apple Products Into China

Chinese customs have nabbed 14 women attempting to sneak iPads and iPhones into the country.

Customs officials in Shenzhen caught the women carrying $143,000 worth of Apple products across the China-Hong Kong border. According to reports this included 88 iPads and 340 phones.

The Wall Street Journal informed that one ambitious smuggler in the group had 65 iPhones strapped to her waist and a further 20 in her handbag.

The women were being paid 200 Yuan ($30) per item they brought into the country.

The smugglers were reportedly bringing in 3G enabled iPads which are available in Hong Kong but not in mainland China. A Wi-Fi enabled version of the tablet is currently the only iPad Chinese consumers can purchase in the country.

Customs officials have informed that smuggling rings are increasingly relying on citizens with clean criminal records to smuggle goods into the country.

Chinese customs have recently introduced a tax on all iPads being brought into the country, even those being brought in for personal use.