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Apple iPad 2 To Have Rear Camera?

The next Apple iPad is likely to have a rear camera according based on pictures that have emerged from one Chinese manufacturer which has released a case for the iPad 2.

Shenzhen MacTop Electronics released a "Crystal Case for iPad 2nd Generation" one which has a hole for a rear facing camera which matches the size of the one found on the iPhone 4.

At least two camera module makers, Genius Electronic Optica and Largan Precision have already started supplying components to Apple although both declined to say which product these would go in.

There's also a gap in the casing for additional connections which many expect to be USB ports or maybe a microSD card reader.

But we wouldn't count on extra connectivity for now because it doesn't match Apple's strategy of keeping a tight control on its products.

Furthermore, accessories built by Chinese manufacturers for soon-to-be released Apple products have been known to be quite different from the final designs.

Expect the next iPad to be unveiled at the beginning of 2011 with a global release in the second quarter of next year.