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Dutch Police Arrest Teen Over WikiLeaks Revenge Attacks

Dutch authorities have arrested a 16 year old boy suspected to have been involved in the recent string of attacks on websites of companies deemed to be working against Wikileaks.

According to a press release issued by the Dutch Prosecutors Office, the teen was arrested by a high-tech crime unit in connection with the DDoS attacks against MasterCard and PayPal.

The police said that the youth had confessed his role in the attacks after the police had raided his house and seized is computer. This is the first arrest in the recent string of DDoS initiated by the Anonymous group, famous for attacking websites belonging to the recording industry and those that they believe to be anti-WikiLeaks.

Tech news site The Register explains that group uses its Low Orbit Ion Cannon, already downloaded by thousands of supporters, to barrage websites with DDoS attacks in defence of WikiLeaks and are not bothering to hide their IP address.